VENDORS: Bridal Couture


1) Momo Falana- Colorful, sensual, one-of-kind wedding couture. Designer to many celebrities and stars, each dress is made to order, and 100% unique (not to mention gorgeous!) 

Momo Falana 

2) Sylvia Lee- Sylvia specializes in creating custom-made, flowing, sensual designs, with meticulous attention to detail and style. Check her out here: 

Sylvia Lee 

3) Celia Grace- Cellia Grace stands out as America's only fair trade luxury bridal collection, creating a beautiful story of women helping women on their amazing wedding day. Our gorgeous gowns are made by small producers, with a focus on womens organizations in India and Cambodia, displaying an incredible array of beautiful handcrafted details indigenous to these communities - heirloom silks, embroidery, 100% natural dyes, and hand beading details. 

Celia Grace